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Jill Biden ... meet America's First Lady, wife of the US President

Jill Biden ... meet America's First Lady, wife of the US President

Jill Tracy Jacobs Biden, the wife of the new US President, Joe Biden, at the age of 69 years, is an American teacher who served as the second lady of the United States between 2009 and 2017, when Biden was Vice President of the United States during the term of Barack Obama.

Jill married Joe Biden in 1977, and became stepmother to his two young sons, Beau and Hunter, from his first marriage, after their mother and baby sister died in a car accident in 1972. In 1981, Joe and Jill Biden had their only daughter, Ashley.

She studied Arts and Literature, then Education, and specialized in teaching children with special needs. At the age of sixty-five, she attained the highest degree and became a university professor.

Jill Biden first joined Northern Virginia College in 2009, after a long career in education, where she spent several years teaching English at various public schools in the US state of Delaware, including Brandywine High School, where she delivered the National Conference Speech Democrat for 2020.

Jill Biden, a Ph.D. in education, spent time teaching at Community College of Technology in Delaware before taking up her most recent position at Northern Virginia College. While her husband was vice president under the Obama administration, Jill Biden became the first second woman to hold a job. Full time outside the White House.

Jill is the founder of the non-profit Biden Breast Health Organization, co-founder of the Friends of the Book program, and the co-founder of the Biden Foundation. She works as an activist for the Delaware Footwear Organization on the ground, and is a co-founder of the Associate Forces Project alongside Michelle Obama.


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