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European Anger over Ankara .. Germany threatens Erdogan asks for an opportunity

European Anger over Ankara .. Germany threatens Erdogan asks for an opportunity

Europe ankara

 whilst the Greek prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced that his united states of america will call on the ecu Union to impose an fingers embargo on Turkey all through the summit presupposed to be held this week, caution his partners about the opportunity of the usage of guns sold to Turkey towards the international locations of the Union, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan considered that a everlasting solution in the japanese Mediterranean requires giving diplomacy a danger.

Germany warns Biden all of a sudden

Arabs and the sector

Germany warns Biden of a void "to be filled by Russia or Turkey"

In a televised speech, Erdogan said at a workshop on the jap Mediterranean in Antalya: "We cannot stand idly by means of in the front of traits in the Mediterranean, if a everlasting option to the Mediterranean problem is to be located, diplomacy must take delivery of a hazard."

Turkey ankara

Erdogan additionally introduced that clinical research shows the existence of between three.five and 10 trillion cubic meters of natural fuel inside the eastern Mediterranean.

He added that Turkey will now not yield to threats, blackmail and expansionist guidelines in the jap Mediterranean, believing that it's miles possible to clear up all issues related to this file, not through exclusion, but thru bringing together all events for communicate, in step with what he stated.

Germany is threatening

on the other hand, Germany threatened Turkey with effects if it did no longer reduce the escalation in the eastern Mediterranean, stressing that it had labored to facilitate european speak with Ankara, however many provocations had came about.

Germany German

German overseas Minister Heiko Maas brought earlier than assembly his counterparts within the bloc, on Monday, that eu ministers would take measures towards Turkey if it did no longer lessen the escalation within the region.

He continued: "Germany has worked difficult over the last months to facilitate communicate between the european Union and Turkey, however there have been too many provocations and the anxiety among Turkey, Cyprus and Greece avoided any direct talks. because of this, we are able to speak about what results we need to impose."

German overseas Minister Heiko Maas (archives - France Press)

German overseas Minister Heiko Maas (archives - France Press)

it is noteworthy that the european Union is still reading the opportunity of enforcing sanctions on Turkey, as ecu overseas ministers are scheduled to assess, on Monday, the problem because of the fuel dispute in the Mediterranean and other documents, no matter its declaration of the readiness for talk with Greece a few days in the past.

eu Council President Charles Michel, who chairs the eu Union summits, known as on Turkey remaining week to stop gambling the "cat and mouse" game by means of making concessions and backing off after that.

it's miles noteworthy that Turkey's move in past due November to return an exploration ship to its ports contributed to easing tensions a bit, but eu Union officials and diplomats said that the wider troubles related to Libya, Syria, Russia and authoritarianism in Turkey have strengthened the positions of the eu Union.


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